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Sharing the Gospel with Haiti is a partnership between God, a Haitian evangelist and his family, along with Christians in the United States. Through this partnership, the mission of spreading Christ's true Gospel in Haiti is happening!

In 1992, a church was started by brother Dieudonne Neriil in Boisneuf with eight women. Today, this church has grown to a community of 140 people! Prior to 2003, there was no Christian church in Verrettes, but brother Neriil planted one with three converts. Today, this church has 65 in attendance.

The K-6th grade school in Boisneuf that is operated and supported by the mission has 217 students, 13 teachers, 4 cooks, and 2 janitorial staff. This mission feeds and clothes these students. Bread-baking equipment was purchased for the school to supply its own bread as well as bread for the churches.

Haiti is a very poor nation. There are very little resources. Unemployment is extremely high. Please pray for this mission, and please consider contributing financially to the mission work so that more can come to Christ - hearing the Gospel, believing it, repenting of their sins, confessing their belief in Christ as the Son of God, being baptized into Christ for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the Holy Spirit, and living faithfully the rest of their lives.

The harvest awaits! (John 4:35). What will you sow?

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